Cherokee County Hall of Success


A meeting of community, education and government leaders concerned about the perception of local education has led to the creation of the “Cherokee County Hall of Success.”
The inaugural induction ceremony will be held Friday, Nov. 10 at the Capri on Main, beginning at 6 pm.
The first class of inductees includes 18 Cherokee County high school graduates who have gone on to be successful in their chosen fields. The purpose of this endeavor is twofold: 1) to show that a quality education is attainable in Cherokee County; and 2) to inspire current students.
Displays honoring the inductees will be placed in a yet-to-be determined location. Those being honored will be given a framed drawing of the former Gaffney High School or Blacksburg High School.

“By establishing this Hall of Success, it is my hope that people can realize the exceptional education this district provides and the incredible talent that is born from it,” said Jonna Turner, executive director of the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce. “Being able to recognize these remarkable folks allows our community and potential residents to own a rooted sense of pride to live and grow in Cherokee County.”

2017 Inductees include:
Alexa Gaffney/Adams – medical doctor
Andie MacDowell – actress/model
Andre Stanley – public health
Charlene Blackwell-Thompson – NASA launch director
Dr. Bobby Moss – historian
Sen. Harvey Peeler – politician
Jenna Gibson – News media
Jennifer Wise – educator
Jim Sanders – businessman
John M. Hamrick – businessman
Johnny Dawkins – screenwriter
Judy Rose – athletic director
Libby Mitchell – politician/attorney
Louis Sossamon – newspaper publisher
William Manning – banker
Neil Chambers – architect
Zack McKown – architect
Sky Foster – corporate communications

The Cherokee County Hall of Success selection committee includes:
Jonna Turner – Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce
Robin Reed – KNOW(2)
Dr. Quincie Moore – Cherokee County School District
James Taylor – City of Gaffney
Phil Orr – City Of Gaffney
Charlene Carter – Town of Blacksburg
Holland Belue – Cherokee County
Brian Ziegelheafer – BGEN/KNOW(2)
Jim Cook – Cherokee County Development Board
Cody Sossamon – The Gaffney Ledger
Tommy Martin – Cherokee Chronicle
Bessie Westmoreland – Cherokee County School District
Trudy Hood – Ply Gem
Heather Swayngim – KNOW(2)